La Musica (The Trumpeter) La musica is the drug You’re all that I’m thinking of I’m all that you want tonight Ma feet stampin on the floor Ya sweat drippin off the wall We move n our bodies talk, ignite Right on to ya mouth and tongue Come on open wide come on We dance… Read More

I love The Sun’s description of La Musica, ‘Lovelle on vocals in tango-flavoured club banger destined to be summer hit’ You have to say it quickly in a cockney accent to get the right effect! Read all about it…here… Read More

Ray Foxx ‘La Musica (The Trumpeter) ft Lovelle’ makes the Radio 1 In New Music We Trust list 6 weeks prior to release! SWEET!… Read More

Recording the lyrics to a new collaboration with Dabruck & Klein today, titled ‘Light Comin Out of Our Eyes’ its about release and acceptance and definitely has that ‘special something something’… Then I’m off to Frankfurt to do a show with them on 2nd September while the film maker behind the Heartbeat video will be… Read More

Heartbeat Where is the life that you need Gotta find my love for you Where is the ocean inside of your mind I’m on the shore but I cant swim through My heart keeps on telling me Oooh hope and believe Coz I got something that you need And I wanna give it, give it,… Read More

The remixes are coming in and the track is doin its thing in clubland and Ibiza, set for a September release, preview Ray Foxx – La Musica (The Trumpeter) the vocal mix radio edt, here… topline written by yours truly, got ma fingers, legs n eyes all crossed for a summer smasher!!… Read More

Dabruck & Klein ‘Heartbeat’ featuring Stella Attar, is edging closer to a million hits on You Tube… Out now on Armada, their collaboration is now moving onto another project, details to be posted soon!!… Read More

After a trip to sunny Newcastle for a collaboration with Trafik we’ve written two banging tracks which i’m really excited about… titled Little Pieces and Silver and Gold I’ll be airing them soon but in the meantime, check out what Trafik have been up to at… Read More