Hello peeps!  Welcome to the Stella Attar blog with all the latest goings on in my musical world and who I’m writing for lately.  I try to write great songs that connect with people whether its through dance or pop so here’s where you’ll find what I’m up to and whats inspiring me whether its for me to feature on or something to pitch for or an artist that I’d like to work with and help develop.

There’s busy times ahead so I thought this was the best way to share with those who care!

This week, I’ve had quite a bit come in so I’ve got my head in my computer today working on new ideas and if I get anywhere with them (its a competitive game) I’ll post the fruits of my labour! But if names mean anything to you on my radar right now are Trafik, Herve, Dem Slackers, Ray Foxx, Shapeshifters, Freaks, One Direction, Kylie, and Rae Morris.

So I’ll stop babbling and get cracking! Speak soon!

Stella xxx

….since writing this, I’ve had a green light on Trafik and Ray Foxx…Whoop Whoop!!!